Essential points of Moshir Al-Malik Hotel

Children under 6 stay for free.

Additional service includes cost

If you need to receive an invoice, when you arrive at the hotel, receive your invoice directly from the reservation.

The elevator is only available for some rooms, so if passengers are not able to use the stairs, if you wish to use the rooms downstairs or with elevator, register your request when booking.

It is possible to accept the official transcript in the form of a booklet with an embossed stamp, along with a national card and a photo ID of the couple.

Admission of a single woman is possible only by presenting a national card and a photo ID.

Dear guests, the maximum length of stay in rooms that are hourly is only 6 hours, which can be booked between 6:00 and 19:00, and under no circumstances can you stay after 19:00: 00 does not exist. Also these rooms do not have breakfast and any hotel services.

Parking with limited space during peak times

Consular rules of Moshir Al-Malik Hotel

Announcement of cancellation before 24 hours includes one night of fuel.

Cancellation will be announced on the day of full arrival of the hotel fuel.